Hosting An Outdoor Wedding With No Septic System In Sight? What Are Your Restroom Options?

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Nothing ruins the ambiance of a beautiful outdoor wedding and reception quite like the sight -- or aroma -- of a Port-A-Potty near the buffet. However, many outdoor or destination weddings are held at locations with minimal, substandard, or even nonexistent restroom accommodations, and after an afternoon or evening of eating, drinking, and dancing, many guests will need to use the facilities. Depending on how far from civilization the wedding is being held, the bride may also need a private area for a pre-wedding primp. If you'd like your guests to have restroom access, but also want a wedding that helps you and your guests get away from it all, what are your options? Read on to learn more about your classier restroom options, as well as some ways to jazz up these portable toilets and trailers to fit in perfectly with your wedding décor.

What are your restroom options?

Portable Restroom Trailers

Unlike the traditional portable toilet, which offers barely enough room to turn around and no handwashing facilities, these portable trailers are lighted, climate-controlled, roomy, and private. Many portable restroom trailers include a separate toilet area, sink, and even hand dryers. The most deluxe trailers can even offer amenities like a sitting area where guests can listen to music chosen by the bride or groom.

Deluxe Portable Toilets

Smaller than the portable trailer, but larger than the traditional four-walled port-a-johns, deluxe portable toilets offer a sterile area to place personal belongings, as well as a sink with motion-activated soap and paper towels. These toilets are generally offered by the same companies that rent basic portable toilets, and are within the same price range, making them a great option for a wedding or other formal event where basic toilets just may not quite do the job.

The price to rent either a trailer or a portable toilet will generally include a flat waste disposal fee, helping you adopt an "out of sight, out of mind" approach to your guests' restroom habits. Try to budget for this expense early in the wedding planning process.

What are the best ways to decorate these portable toilets? 

Even these deluxe toilets and trailers may not scream "wedding" from the outside, so you may wish to decorate them to match the wedding theme or camouflage them to provide your guests with some privacy when heading to or from the restroom. There are a number of ways to accomplish these goals. 


Depending on the season and wedding style, you may wish to rent a tent for the reception. If so, while you're at it, you may want to rent a smaller tent for the toilet area. This tent can do the double duty of concealing the toilets themselves while also providing some privacy for those entering and exiting the restroom – just make sure the toilets are clearly marked so that your guests won't find this camouflage too effective.


Like tents, trellises (with or without flowers) can be used to conceal the toilets or provide some ambiance for your guests. You'll also be able to signify male and female trailers with signs on each trellis or even the use of blue or pink flowers on either side. 

Regardless of which type of portable toilet you choose, you may also wish to place a "convenience" basket inside or directly outside the toilet -- including hand sanitizer, bug spray, mints, hand lotion, and other items which might be useful to your guests. These small touches can help your guests feel comfortable and allow them to relax and enjoy your wedding without fear of a bathroom emergency while they're in a location far from most modern conveniences.

For more information and options for portable toilets, contact a sanitation service, like Road Runner Waste Service Inc.